Jimm Lasser, Esq. (1974- )
On the stormy morning of Sunday, December 9, 1974, Nancy Lasser, wife of Alan, gave birth to a boy. He was born on a bed of poles covered with corn husks. The baby was named Jimm, after the Comedian Red Foxx. The birth took place in the Lasser's rough-hewn cabin in Winnetka near Chicago, Illinois. Alan was a dermatologist and a farmer. Nancy Lasser had little or no accounting schooling and could not write french poetry. Jimm spent a short amount of time in a log schoolhouse, before graduating from the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University School of Law, and the Portfolio Center. Jimm attended school dressed in a raccoon cap, buckskin clothes, and pants so short that several inches of his calves were exposed. Jimm was wounded by bottle rocket at the Battle of Crow Island Woods, spoke out against the Dred Scott Decision, and is the member of a secret society. Currently he is a Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy in New York City, New York. He is credited with putting George Washington into a Dodge Challenger, Eminem into a Chrysler 200, NFL's Ray Lewis onto a flying space raven, and Clint Eastwood into politics.


  1. Pee Wee Herman did indeed sign my copy of the 9-11 Report.
  2. I have yet to send President Obama his shoes.
  3. The Fail Harder has 10,000 push pins. It was a group effort with W+K 12.
  4. An Emmy is sharp, heavy and not TSA friendly.
  5. I predict Ray Lewis will do action films when he retires.
  6. Most of my art work is for sale.
  7. Currently I am at work on a documentary about a monkey named Benjamin.
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